Liberty’s carefree bachelor lifestyle curtailed

The smaller, tan-coloured female could be mistaken for Liberty's sister.

A LOCAL mall’s self-appointed security dog has given up his carefree bachelor lifestyle and now has a female companion.

The tan-coloured male dog, whose name is Liberty, first appeared at Seadoone Mall in November. It is expected he was abused as he was very wary of people and only allowed some of the guards to touch him.

Security guard Moses Nene said Liberty would come to the mall every afternoon. He would be fed by the night guard with food sponsored by the owner of the Two Vikings Fish and Chip shop, and then patrol all night with the guard.

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Liberty happy on his own mission


The pair doze in a quiet corner of the car park after a tiring night shift.

The pair doze in a quiet corner of the car park after a tiring night shift.


As the night guard chases away loiterers and beggars from the property, Liberty decided this was part of his duties and every night enthusiastically joined in.

“Now he only comes at night, with his girlfriend,” said security guard Eugene Shili. “They both have supper, then go on patrol.”

The smaller, tan-coloured female looks so like Liberty they could be mistaken for brother and sister.

In the mornings the pair can often be found dozing in a quiet corner of the car park, before they make their way back to their home, which remains a closely guarded secret.

Liberty seems to have mellowed with age and now allows the night guard to stroke his neck, but he is still very wary of people.

Toti SPCA has heard about Liberty’s girlfriend. “They have mated and we fear she may have puppies,” said manager, Tracey Girling. “We would like to sterilise her and have Liberty vaccinated.”


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By Earl Baillache

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