Dog lovers riled by Lady’s removal

Lady and Liberty doze in Seadoone Mall's parking lot. Lady was removed by Toti SPCA in fear Liberty was getting too aggressive and a search is on to find her a new home.

Toti residents are up in arms after Toti SPCA removed Liberty’s female companion from a local mall’s parking lot.

Seadoone Mall’s self-appointed security dog appeared at Seadoone Mall in November. It was expected he was abused, as he was very wary of people and only allowed some of the security guards to touch him.

He goes to the mall every afternoon. He is fed by the night guard with food sponsored by the owner of the Two Vikings Fish and Chip shop, before patrolling all night with the guard.

In July, the female named Lady arrived and moved into Liberty’s bachelor quarters. Almost identical to the tan-coloured Liberty, she could be mistaken for his sister. They became a regular sight as they dozed in the mall’s parking lot after Liberty had completed his night duties.

If anyone can adopt Lady, call the SPCA on 031-904-2424/5

Seadoone Centre manager, Bev Koekemoer contacted the SPCA on Friday to request help to remove the female.

“Apparently both dogs went for a child, and the mother phoned Checkers head office to complain,” said Toti SPCA manager, Tracey Girling. “Head office understandably contacted Bev with their concerns and that is when she asked us to remove the dogs.”

Prior to this complaint, the SPCA had received two complaints about the dogs trying to bite people.

Toti SPCA inspector, Dawn du Plooy tried to catch the female but failed as she was on her own. “We managed to catch the female on Friday but Liberty got away and ran off,” said Tracey. “I hope he will settle down now without the female there, who he was very protective over.

We still want to catch him, so that we can vaccinate and sterilise him, and return him to the centre to live his life with the guards.”

Since Liberty first appeared at the mall, the SPCA has taken a keen interest in his well-being. Numerous attempts to catch him to cut off a shoe string that was tied around his neck failed.

Despite requests from some members of the public to have him put down, Girling was adamant he was to be left alone as he was content and posed no threat.

Since his appearance the SPCA has done regular checks on the dog and dewormed him.

“It’s very easy for people to always criticise the SPCA when we do something they don’t like but if the dogs had bitten a child, we would still be in the line of fire for not removing them. We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t,” said Tracey.

Lady is currently in a SPCA kennel and is not stressed. She will be spayed and vaccinated before being re-homed. If anyone can adopt Lady, call the SPCA on 031-904-2424/5.

“It is good to know that the feedback to find Lady a new home is positive and that we at Seadoone Mall do care,” said Bev. “We hope someone in the community will be eager to adopt Lady or both the dogs.

“We are relieved the dogs did not bite anyone visiting the mall but they were becoming aggressive. It saddened us to see Lady taken away but we are sure someone will come to her rescue.”

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By Earl Baillache

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