Attack on mall dog leaves him wary

Seadoone Mall security guard, Moses Nene with Liberty.

Visitors to Seadoone Mall are requested not to approach the mall’s self-appointed security dog.

Liberty, a tan-coloured male dog, first appeared at the mall last November.

It is believed he was abused as he was very wary of people and only allowed the mall’s security guards to touch him.

He is fed by the night guard and then he patrols all night with him.

“Apparently a whoonga addict hit him with a brick recently,” said Amanzimtoti SPCA manager, Tracey Girling, who has been keeping tabs on Liberty since he first appeared.

“I tried to catch him on Monday morning to take him to the vet but we were unsuccessful. I have left a lead with a car guard and she will phone me when she has him.”

The attack has left Liberty even more wary of people. The mall’s car guards and security guards have requested the public do not feed him nor approach him to pet him.

The public is requested to not feed Liberty nor approach him.

The public is requested to not feed Liberty nor approach him. PHOTO: Alida (carguard)

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Earl Baillache

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