CCPO crime network dents criminals’ festive season plans

Members of the CCPO, Toti SAPS and ET Rapid Response who helped recover a vehicle stolen from Winkle Beach on 23 December.

While most people enjoyed their Summer holiday break, the Community Crime Prevention Organisation (CCPO) patrolled the Toti streets and notched up a significant number of arrests.

On Saturday, 24 December two men stole a bag from holidaymakers lying on the beach in front of Stella Marais flats at about noon. The CCPO responded quickly and were on the scene within seconds.

“Robert, the foot patrol guard doing duty in the area, chased after the men, who ran into the bush between the promenade and beach,” said CCPO committee member, George Snodey.

“The man dropped the bag, which contained the victim’s home and vehicle keys, and fled deeper into the bush.

The area was cordoned off by the CCPO and a host of volutary civilians. The man was eventually found hiding in the bush with two stolen cellphones by Robert.”

He was handed over to Toti SAPS. His accomplice escaped.

On Friday morning, 23 December a man was seen in a property in Valley View Road at about 4am.

The CCPO was called and a search was conducted after a description of the man was circulated.

“CCPO and Blue Security patrol officer, Mbuyiselo ‘Triple M’ Mdunjane decided to take a look on the N2 just below Valley View Road and noticed a person fitting the description walking on the highway,” said Snodey.

He stopped to question the man and found items in his bag which he could not account for. He was taken back to the premises where he had stolen them and the property was identified.

The property owner, however, noticed his hosepipe was missing. The man took them back to where he had hidden it in the bush next to the highway.

He was taken to Toti SAPS and arrested.

On Thursday, 29 December luck finally ran out for four car thieves who have allegedly been responsible for the theft of dozens of motor vehicles over the past three weeks.

“The men, who were using a red VW Polo, were on the CCPO and everyone else’s hot list and every day guys were looking out for them.

Their good fortune ended when a local resident from Gus Brown Road, who had a run-in with them on Christmas Day, recognised them driving into Warner Beach.

A quick call to the CCPO hotline and these guys suddenly had a host of people looking for them.

Metro Police K9 unit officer Shawn Jooste and his partner who share a CCPO radio, heard the commotion and were fortunately in Warner Beach when the call came through.

They went down to Baggies Beach which is a frequent hunting ground for these thieves and found the vehicle behind Warnadoone flats in Ashwell Road.”

They pulled the vehicle over and the area was suddenly flooded with CCPO, Blue Security and Et Rapid Response members, leaving the thieves with nowhere to go.

Computer boxes, ignition switches, keys for all Toyotas and an assortment of tools were found in the vehicle.

The men were arrested and taken to Toti SAPS.

“This again proves how important the network between all the crime-fighting forces is,” said Snodey.

The red VW Polo. PHOTO: CCPO

The red VW Polo. PHOTO: CCPO

On Thursday, 29 December at about 7am, CCPO foot patrol guard Lloyd noticed a man carrying a bag in Old Main Road near Storage City.

He called for assistance and Triple M and his crewman were soon on the scene and stopped the man.

After questioning him, it was found the items in his possession had all been illegally taken.

He had broken into vehicles in Iphala Road and Lewis Drive, and had also stolen items from a church in Bernadotte Street.

All the stolen items along with the man were taken to Toti SAPS.

On Friday, 23 December a CCPO foot patrol guard was patrolling Cato Crescent at about 4.15pm when he noticed a man jump over a wall.

He gave chase, causing the man to drop his bag in his haste to escape.

The man escaped, but a Lenovo laptop and other items were found in the bag. It was later established he had broken into premises in Len Nicol Road.

At about noon on the same day, the CCPO received a message regarding a theft of a holidaymaker’s vehicle from Winkle beach.

“On arrival it was found that an iPhone was also in the vehicle and the owner of the vehicle was busy tracking it on his phone.

He immediately jumped into a CCPO vehicle and with the CCPO, SAPS, Blue Security and ET Rapid Response following, the chase was on.

After a lengthy search in Lovu Township, the iPhone was found hidden behind a concrete manhole.

A search was then conducted for the vehicle and within 10 minutes, SAPS member Twala and his crew who also share a CCPO radio, found the vehicle abandoned in someone’s driveway.

The elated owner was very relieved and grateful to all who spent hours helping to recover his goods,” said Snodey.

On Thursday, 22 December at about 5.30am, a resident in Adams Road noticed a man on his property and pressed his panic button.

The man fled, but a description was circulated over the CCPO radio channel.

Triple M and his crewman surrounded the area and found a man fitting the description in Somerset Way.

The man was searched and stolen items were found in his possession.

He was taken to Toti SAPS.


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