Bouquets, brickbats after fire drama

EDITOR – On Tuesday, 3 January we had need of the services of the Amanzimtoti Fire Brigade and CCPO.

Our car had caught alight and we were traumatised when the fire began in the engine of our car in the driveway of our home.

We were afraid of the trees and surrounding area being affected by the flames and any other possible collateral damage.

We called CCPO who immediately contacted the fire services who immediately responded and in a relatively short while, they were on the property with all their equipment.

I wish to compliment the people involved as they were efficient, supportive and concerned for our welfare in the traumatic situation that we found ourselves in. Thank you to all of them, the young man who was the head of the fire team struck us as being very caring. Our special thanks to him for the concern and CCPO who phoned later to confirm that we were OK.

On the other hand the young emergency line assistant on the Ethekweni line was incapable of realising the need to respond positively to my panic-stricken request for help and kept asking me why I was shouting. She had no idea of responding to an emergency situation and dealing with someone who was in the centre of a drama.


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