Put brakes on motoring maniac on Athlone Park racing track

EDITOR – There is a motoring maniac in Amanzimtoti who owns a high powered sports car with a V8 or V10 engine, who thinks that Athlone Park is his personal race track and Kingsway his personal drag strip.

This mostly occurs in the early evening, although he could be heard during the day over the festive season as well.

Beside the extremely unpleasant racket that this car makes, this car is being driven at speeds in excess of 140km/h, and possibly speeds reaching 160km/h, judging by the engine revs achieved in third gear, and this in a 60km/h zone.

To the driver of this car, this may come as shock to you but the only person impressed by the unpleasant noise that your car makes and the speeds achieved in a residential area, is you.

The residents of Athlone Park, regardless of race or background, are civilised people and your sub-standard behaviour is an annoyance to us.

Take your expensive toy to a race track where your unseemly and immature behaviour and your car’s performance can be monitored under controlled conditions.


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