SA’s bright future to end in nuclear flash?

EDITOR – All reasonable people will concede that governing a country, province, city or town is not an easy task.

Those who live in civilised countries have a lot to be grateful for and any criticism should be tempered and fair.

There is of course no such thing as a perfect society, but government in South Africa does seem particularly shameless, rotten and inept, giving rise to genuine, pervasive concern for the future.

Apart from worrying about the usual everyday issues, we have to contend with the prospect of a future South Africa blanketed by a network of nuclear power stations, as proposed by government crazies.

And who will actually man and operate such power stations?

Given that tens of thousands of failed students are ‘progressed’, others require a 30% pass in some subjects and 20% for maths, not to mention universities dictated to by thugs, one wonders about the quality of our future technocrats. I think it’s reasonable to assume that some such will end up operating our nuclear plants at some stage.

Although I’ve always believed that South Africa has a bright future, I never envisaged the possibility that this could come in the form of a nuclear flash.

Let’s hope and pray for decent government, soon!


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