Year ends with too many bangs

By Holly Konig

“The bangs set off between December and January were worse than ever before. They’re illegal except for 30 minutes over New Year’s Eve,” said Tracey Girling, manager at Amanzimtoti SPCA.

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While the number of strays taken into the shelter weren’t as high as expected, Tracey believes that 90% of them escaped their homes due to fear of the loud noises. The remainder were those left alone or with strangers when owners went away on holiday. The SPCA offers a herbal, calming remedy for animals and it’s confident this has helped many pets.

The steady adoption rates and claiming of lost animals saw the shelter never having to turn away an animal due to a shortage of kennel space. Bowls were always full as the community played its role in supporting the December Christmas wrapping stations at local malls but moreso, the Animal Christmas Dinner Fund, which generated a record R37,669. The organisation felt the love as the dogs and cats found themselves with bowls of gravy and rice and all things nice. Between the vet bills and food costs, the SPCA team urge the public to never overlook the constant support it depends on to keep going.

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SPCA staff and volunteers are pleased with the number of owners who have reclaimed their missing runaways. However, they highly recommend that pet owners make use of their boarding facilities if they suspect their pets might take strain while the owners are away.

In the event of finding a stray, the SPCA prefers people bring these animals to their Nyati Road, Athlone Park office, where checks can be run and the stray can be kept separate from other animals, thereby reducing the spread of potentially fatal diseases which could be passed on to your own pets or family. Parvo virus and rabies are some of the many illnesses that can’t be recognised immediately, as they exist in multiple strains and have ‘window periods’ where symptoms aren’t always evident.

Amanzimtoti SPCA can be contacted on 031-904-2424 and after hours on 071-122-7288 as they are always ready to help.

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