Gate-thwarting gang member dies in shootout

The gang's getaway vehicle lies abandoned, pockmarked with bullet holes.

The gang responsible for derailing gates in Toti and breaking into houses received a massive blow on Wednesday afternoon, 1 February.

The gang had derailed a gate in St Winifreds and a black Mercedes was spotted leaving the scene.

“Their modus operandi was to hit another part of Toti in the same day, so CCPO operations manager, Rupert Smit patrolled in Athlone Park,” said CCPO committee member, George Snodey.

“He spotted the black Mercedes in a premises in Marshall Road, where they were busy loading TVs into the vehicle.”

The men pointed a firearm at Smit and fled before he could jam them in.

Snodey was in Athlone Park at the time and heard Smit on the radio. When the Mercedes came past him, he gave chase to Springfield in Durban.

During the high-speed chase, SAPS was contacted and fortunately ET Rapid Response South Coast managing member, Tony Lokker and John Hauser were on their way to Pinetown and joined in when the Mercedes came speeding past him.

The gang was chased into Newlands West, where a gun fight ensued, leaving one of the gang members dead, while the other two fled.

Stolen TVs were found in the abandoned vehicle.


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Earl Baillache

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