School proudly flies Wessa flag

Members of Amanzimtoti Primary School's enviro club and teachers proudly display the school's International Flag from Wessa for completing five action projects in 2016.

Amanzimtoti Primary School was awarded its international flag from the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (Wessa) for completing five action projects in 2016.

The flag award was made on Friday, 3 February.

Its five themes were: ‘Healthy living’ – nutrition and nutrients, healthy eating habits, and healthy breakfast bars; ‘community and heritage’ – culture and religion in South Africa, and ancient and endangered plants at Botanical Gardens; ‘resource use’ – monitoring weather, water filters and water awareness; ‘nature and biodiversity’ – parts of a plant, water absorption, importance of soil creatures, mini SASS, and growing a plant; ‘local and global issues’ – population concepts, recycling, junk monsters, and HIV/Aids.

“We are fortunate to be at a school where the vision of previous teachers was to plant indigenous trees, which provide a periphery of shade around our field,” said the Enviro Club in its presentation, headed by Alice Surmon.

“We have a full-time caretaker and a gardener so we have great potential to develop further ideas with them and the children.”

Other teachers involved in the Enviro Club are Alison Whitehead, deputy head, Charlotte Boyers, Tammy Campbell, Michelle O’Connor, Sherleen Naicker, Tracy Raasch, Cheryl Retief,

Tracy Aissing, Krystal Whitehead, Kirsten Stannard and caretaker Hennie Saunders.

In awarding the school its flag, the Wessa eco-schools assessment team said it was a pleasure to receive the school’s portfolio.

“This achievement puts Amanzimtoti Primary School in the ranks of schools who have taken their commitment to the earth and their community to a whole new level, by becoming an ambassador for others to admire you, learn from you, and to be inspired by what you do. Congratulations,“ said the team.

“The school is doing really good environmental projects at school and in surrounding schools and communities, and that is really appreciated. The amount of work that is done does not go unnoticed. Keep up the excellent work of sustainability.”


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Earl Baillache

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