CCPO puts the heat on microwave thief

A number of criminals found themselves behind bars this week, thanks to the diligence of the CCPO.

On Monday morning, 13 February at about 9am, CCPO and Blue Security patrol officer, Mbuyiselo ‘Triple M’ Mdunjane was patrolling in the Toti CBD when he noticed a man carrying a new microwave oven.

“He and his crewman stopped to question the man, but were unable to get much out of him about where he had got it from,” said CCPO committee member, George Snodey.

Due to there being no complainant and case number, the man was released, but Triple M took a photo of him and posted it on the CCPO Whatsapp group.

On Tuesday evening, 14 February, a woman posted a message on social media regarding the theft of her microwave oven from a moving vehicle in Beach Road. The messaged was copied on the CCPO Whatsapp group and the next day Triple M went in search of the man, eventually finding him in the abandoned properties opposite Stella Maris flats in Beach Road.

He was questioned again and eventually admitted he took it off the vehicle.

He took Triple M to KwaMakhutha where he had sold it. The microwave was retrieved, the owner located and a case opened along with the arrest of the man.

On Thursday, 9 February at about 3.30pm, the CCPO received a frantic call from a resident in Bouganvillea Crescent in St Winifreds to say a man was breaking into the premises and his children were home alone.

CCPO supervisor, Wayne Smerdon and his crewman arrived to find a man jumping over the wall, chased by the home owner who had arrived at the scene.

The man, who was recognised by the CCPO crew, fled into a premises in Whitfield Drive, where he resides with his parents. The place was cordoned off while backup was called.

“The man has been an ongoing problem in the area and he has been arrested on numerous occasions for housebreaking,” said Snodey.

He locked himself in the house and refused to come out.

Metro Police K9 unit officer, Lourens Greeff and his partner Darryl Manning arrived to assist and entered the property. “The man was informed if he didn’t come out on his own, the police dog would be released. Fortunately for him he came out of his own accord.”

He was arrested and taken to Toti SAPS, where he was charged and detained.


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By Earl Baillache

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