‘Crazy Cake Lady’ spreads love to SPCA

The generous, caring attitude Caroline has adopted is touching hearts and changing lives by the day

KNOWN by most as the ‘crazy cake lady,’ local baker Caroline Bowker donated five dozen boxes of cupcakes to the Toti SPCA this week, in the hope of raising funds towards pet food.

Caroline involves herself in numerous charitable projects, spreading the love not only on Valentine’s Day but all year round.

“Before she had even delivered them they were pre-booked and sold, some were kindly purchased for our staff and I have to say they were delicious,” admits Toti SPCA’s manager, Tracey Girling.

A big believer in ‘what you put out you get back,’ Caroline said you can’t expect the community to support you, if you don’t give back to the community. Baking for various charities, Caroline has another cake going to Operation Bobbi Bear this Friday.

“I’ve always been a supporter of charities. If I can’t give my time, I’ve realised I can contribute in other ways,” explains the Crazy Cake Lady.



Caroline together with Amanda Le Roux, Honor Paddington and Eirean Bowker run the popular ‘My Fairy Godmother‘ project where they help local girls and boys get to their Matric dance in style. Assisting with hair, make-up and clothing, the women make sure it will be a night the pupil will never forget. Caroline said the community should ask themselves “what if it were me?” and then re-assess a situation, decide if they will get involved and how so.

“Every action has a reaction, every single little thing you say and do has a reaction, so always try act positively. Strive to treat others as you would like to be treated,” said Caroline.

“A smile or a kind word costs nothing, but can change someone’s whole day,” she continued.

The generous, caring attitude Caroline has adopted is touching hearts and changing lives by the day.

“A big thank you to Caroline and everybody that has so generously donated food for all our animals. We really could not survive without our amazing community we’re so privileged to belong to,” said Tracey.


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Holly Konig

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