Women’s league condemns #Durbanbaby kidnapping

THE KZN African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL) condemns the harming of children in gravest terms.

In a statement focussing on the alleged kidnapping of #Durbanbaby, Siwaphiwe Mbambo, ANCWL said: “As women, we are expected to nurture our children and protect them, therefore the ANCWL is deeply hurt that a woman was involved in kidnapping.”

“The ANCWL notes that the Durban Magistrate’s Court has called for DNA tests to be done by the affected parties to ascertain whether the woman involved is the child’s biological mother. However, the behaviour of this woman is unacceptable, regardless of whether the DNA results say she is the mother of the child or not.

In the wake of widespread act of human trafficking, possibilities of syndicates in human trafficking cannot be ignored. For fear of entering into much detail on the matter, which is still before the court, we wish to explicitly call for all involved parties to tread carefully in dealing with this issue and protect baby Siwaphiwe’s interest throughout the process.”

Our view is that both ‘parents’ must co-operate with law enforcement agencies and give full support to the investigation in order to bring this matter to finalisation.

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that the interests of the children are put before their own interests. The ANCWL only hopes that the law enforcement agencies involved will swiftly resolve this matter in order for baby Siwaphiwe to return to her rightful parents.

The ANCWL believes all mothers should play an important role to protect their children. It is our responsibility as adults to ensure that children are protected and we should not do anything that could put their lives at risk. The ANCWL applauds the role played by KZN community safety and liaison MEC, Mxolisi Kaunda and law enforcement agencies who used all resources to ensure the child was found. We are equally grateful to the South Africans for the role they played in the whole debacle. The ANCWL urges every member of the society not to look away when a child needs help.”



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Erin Hanekom

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