WATCH VIDEO: Pistol-toting Julie shares her passion for pulling the trigger

IT’s been an adventurous and empowering journey for Montclair businesswoman, Julie Meyer who recently competed in her first pistol championships in East London last month. She received a bronze medal in pocket pistol.

Being the only female in a male-dominated team, Meyer is a dedicated sports shooter who has learnt much in the past year since joining the sport last July.

Julie is fearless as she hits an almost perfect score at the Poinsettia Pistol Club.

“I started this when I wanted a self-defense weapon to protect myself from the increasing crime in the area. I was introduced to the Poinsettia Pistol Club team based in Amanzimtoti, by one of the member’s wife who happened to be a Designated Firearms Officer (DFO). When her husband and I got in touch, he invited me to the shooting range and from then I’ve never looked back,” she smiled.


Watch Julie fire some rounds here:


Even with her job as a sign writer, her passion lies within the pistol club. “It breaks me away from life and sends me to a different level. Believe it or not, shooting relaxes me and takes away my aggression and helps me to concentrate,” she added.

She encourages other women to join the sport and to not fear the weapon. “Once you come out here, the club members will be by your side and coach you on what to wear to protect your ears and yourself as well as how to handle a live weapon safely. They are a bunch of great guys and they have become more like family to me,” she added.


Watch Sun journalist learn how to fire a gun:


Julie is now prepping for her first national championships which is to be held in April in the Western Cape.


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