Informant leads to stolen dog’s recovery after three months

Toti SPCA staff rescued a stolen bull terrier, Belize from Felekisi township where she had been kept for the last three months.

An informant noticed the bull terrier looking out of place in the township dwelling.

The sighting was reported to Toti SPCA who recognised the dog from a prior ‘missing’ report.

Belize’s owner had given up hope that his beloved bull terrier would ever be found. Three months later, none other than the SPCA’s Tracey Girling recognised her when a passerby of the township had reported the dog looking out of place.

“I was tagged in a photo on Facebook on Saturday afternoon, showing a bull terrier tied to a tree in the township. Luckily I recognised the dog,”said Tracey.

“I made contact with the informant who had created a false Facebook page because they were scared of the man that stole the dog.”

Breeds of dog as such as bull terriers, staffies and pitbulls are more often than not stolen for illegal dog fighting, which involves a life of cruelty and pain.

“After receiving the address, I phoned the owner and he accompanied my husband, Paul and I into Felekisi township,” explained Tracey.

“The dog had been moved but after much negotiations we got the location of the dog and rescued her.”

An informant noticed the bull terrier looking out of place in the township dwelling.

Despite a few marks, assumed to have been sustained in fights, she was in good health and over the moon to be reunited with her owner. This should serve as a reminder to have your dogs chipped and sterilised, both of which the SPCA recommends and offers. Sterilised dogs are less appealing for dog fighting and by having them chipped, they can immediately be identified and reunited with their owner without any further complications, and the dog thief could go on to have charges laid against him.

The informant risked their life to help find Belize, without expecting anything in return. The community wants to thank them by collecting donations as a reward. The money raised will be handed over in gratitude by SPCA on 28 March.

If you would like to contribute, make a donation into the following

FNB account number: 62055038791

Branch code: 250655

Name: K Wadsworth

Reference: Bully


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Holly Konig

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