Litter lingers for much longer than you may think


Some think that by tossing their wrapper out the window or leaving their plastic bottles and straws at beaches or in parks some magical, awesome power will move them far from where they can cause harm to life and nature.

How very wrong such thoughts are.

Here are some everyday items that find their way into the beautiful ocean, and an indication how long it takes for them to decompose:

  • Toilet roll ~ one month
  • Cardboard ~ two months
  • Cigarette ~ 10 years
  • Plastic bag ~ 10 to 20 years
  • Drink cans ~ 200 years

  • Diapers ~ 450 years
  • Fish hooks ~ 600 years
  • Plastic cutlery ~ 100 to 1,000 years
  • Glass ~ 4,000 years
  • Some plastics ~ never

Let this serve to teach those in the unknowing, that the litter we constantly bombard our planet with lingers for longer than we can imagine.

Keep the environment in mind when buying your groceries and before you carelessly toss the unwanted packaging away.


Watch: Kenya, along with many other African countries ban plastic bags

Kenya just banned all plastic bags.

Posted by ATTN: on Friday, 17 March 2017


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Holly Konig

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