Dubai rugby outing to prep Kuswag for inaugural Sports Week

KUSWAG School laces up to compete with a visiting rugby team from Dubai this Sunday, 26 March.

The foreign team will visit the local school and face off on the rugby field.

Equally important, the school will host its first-ever sports week from 27 to 30 March. The event will prove unique as focus will be placed on the development of sport and moreso the athletes, rather than finding an overall winning team.

The sports week will be marked as a pre-season tour and teams can develop their players in different positions, preparing them to hone their skills for the upcoming season.

The following schools will travel to Amanzimtoti to participate in the event:

Zeerust Primary School, Monument Senior Primary, Clocolan Primary, Kloof Senior Primary, Suid-Natal Primary and Hutton Park will play by invitation on Thursday, 30 March.

The opening event will take place on Monday, 27 March at 2pm. Actual gameplay will commence on Tuesday morning.

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Holly Konig

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