Death in a box for voiceless ones

EDITOR – I never thought I would need to write this letter, but life took such an ugly turn that I feel the need to put my story down in ink so that many may see the pain we, the voiceless ones, sometimes have to endure.

We were born and all went well until we were snatched away from our mommy for no other reason than that we were born.

Never a thought was given to the fact that mommy will have babies again and again, but them I’m not even sure if mommy is still alive, as what happened next bodes ill for her as well.

We were taken and put into a dark box. All three of us. But we were not alone. There was a small puppy with us in the box. He was different to us and it took me a while to figure out why, except for the fact that he was a dog. His feet were tied so he could not stand or move.

He cried and cried and our little sister started to cry, but I kept strong and kept on telling them that it would be OK, we just needed to keep quiet until the people who put us there had gone. They put the box into a black bag which made it even darker, but the worst was to come as it became so hot and the air got even less and the puppy cried and cried and his little voice became softer and softer, until I could hardly hear him and then he was silent.

I tried to listen if I could hear him breath, but my little sister was crying and it broke my heart and then she too stopped crying and I could not hear her breathe. I started to panic but I needed to be strong for my other brother as he was very quiet. The heat was terrible and I knew we were going to die. But God had other plans and a friendly man took the box and opened it up and put it in the shade. He lovingly took the puppy out but left my little sister as she was still breathing. He then phoned someone called Nicky and she organised for Jana to come and fetch us and Jana cried over our little sister’s body and it was so sad but she took us out of the box and put us in a basket with a clean, soft blanket and we went home.

She fed us with a bottle, and even though we were so tired and weak, we drank the milk just because she asked so nicely and we will keep fighting. We will survive to prove to you even though you wanted us dead, our Father who made us in our mother’s womb is ultimately in control and He also saw what you did and He will not forget. Rest in peace little puppy and little sister. Run free. We are OK.


4 Paws and a Tale Rescue

On behalf of Kitty the survivor and his brother


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