Car guard teaches shopper a lesson

EDITOR – I had occasion to stop and count my blessings the other morning when I stopped outside a mall, awaiting the shop’s opening at 9am.

I won’t say which mall as I don’t want to bring any unintended, untoward consequence to arise on the subject of what I saw.

I was astounded to see an old car guard, kneeling against a wall, feeding his two young sons. The youngest of the two couldn’t have been older than six months while his older sibling looked about four.

The little guys were quite chipper and of course, the toddler’s energy knew no bounds. As soon as their food was ingested, the poor dad had his hands full keeping the little ball of energy contained once he’d refueled. His older brother soon took charge, watching over the little one while his dad oversaw the car park.

I was left amazed at this man’s situation but moreso at his resolve to be involved in raising his children, despite his job and all that it entailed.

Most employers frown on children being brought into the workplace, and I’d imagine the person or company that oversees the car guards wouldn’t look too kindly on it.

On the other hand I think he is to be commended. We’re all employees but we’re also parent first. Your duty is first to your children before anything else. This man, as old as he was, was doing what he had to do to get by. He pitched up for work, and saw to it his children – or maybe even grandchildren? – were fed and overseen.

Yes, a car park may not be the safest option but who’s to say he had even one other option? Without anyone else in the picture, the children may have faced a day alone at home, wherever that may be, without any supervision at all.

Instead this old man did what he could and put himself in the middle of raising his children or grandchildren, as the case may be. Foremost, he pitched up. To work and to being a parent or grandparent.

Afterwards, as I drove away, I wondered why I hadn’t spoken to the man and chatted about his situation. Reality is I was in awe of what he’d done, and of his commitment to see his responsibility through to finality. I wonder how many parents can say the same these days, and not necesarily with taking their children to work but certainly in stepping up to the plate?


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