Illegal signs set to go

Illegal signage will not be tolerated in Amanzimtoti.

That’s the word from ward 97 councillor, Andre Beetge, who said the eThekwini advertising and signage bylaws are very clear in that no signage whatsoever may be attached to robot poles, road signage, directional signage, street name poles, trees or walls.

The advertising and signage policy, read with the bylaw, further addresses the use of flags, banners, A frames, signs against fences and mobile advertising boards and trailers.

Only approved signage that displays the official eThekwini sticker in the lower corner may be displayed on street light poles only, and not on or against anything else.

“Permission is coupled to a time frame, as the advertising is to be removed within days of an event taking place, thereby affording others the opportunity to use the lamp posts to advertise other events,” said Cllr Beetge.

“There are exceptions, such as the municipality-contracted permanent advertising space on certain rubbish bins and lamp posts by Outdoor Media which rents out eThekwini-branded A1 frames like those along Kingsway near Mica Hardware.

This illegal sign has been bolted to a pole to resist removal.


The illegal and irregular display is a constant and expensive challenge, as the tar suppliers, painters, tilers, rubble removers, tree fellers and so on put them up faster than the department can remove them.”

Cllr Beetge said there are only four inspectors who share the responsibility for the entire city and they are reliant on contractors to facilitate the removal. “Not all signs can merely be plucked off, as some are chained down, cemented in or bolted against structures.

In an effort to save on expenditure and to keep our town clean, I have removed more than 2,000 of these illegal signs over the last six years,” said Cllr Beetge.

In the process he has avoided being stabbed twice, dodged a chainsaw, was accused of theft, sworn at, threatened with physical violence and had his car forced off the road by illegal advertisers.

“It is an ongoing exercise, as one can remove signage from the one side of town and go to the other, only to find new signs already again displayed on your return,” he said.

Notice was served in the Sun a few weeks ago, forewarning of an inspection, which was conducted by officials two weeks ago.

READ IT HERE: Toti due for city signage inspection

“We have been informed that a contractor has been appointed and action will be taken within the week that will undoubtedly lead to animosity, as fines will be issued and illegal signage removed.”

For more information on signage application or enquiries, consult the eThekwini webpage under the advertising and signage tab.

“The advertising and signage bylaws are currently under review. We are in process of facilitating a workshop which will also include requirements regarding estate agent signage and advertising,” said Cllr Beetge.


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Earl Baillache

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