Winklespruit woman choked by second floor thief

A Winklespruit woman was attacked in her home in the early hours of Saturday morning, 8 April as she lay in bed working.

Leeanne Johnston had her light on in her bedroom on the second floor of her Shirley Road home when an intruder grabbed her around the throat through the burglar guards and choked her so hard she could not scream.

“I tried to get away,” she said. “My cellphone was charging next to my bed. He put a pole in through the open window and hit me in the eye with it while he was trying to get my phone.

I managed to pull forward and loosen his grip and I got away and started screaming. My great Dane jumped on the bed and wanted to go for him, but I was worried my dog might jump through the window to get him.”

The intruder managed to hook the cellphone’s cord and grab it before he made his getaway.

He used her ladder which was against the garage wall to gain access to the second storey.

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She described the man as in his early 20s and wearing a yellow shirt.

“He dropped someone’s tablet when he attacked me, so he must have robbed another house before mine. He had been on my veranda, looking for a way in before he climbed up to my bedroom. It was unfortunate I had my window open.

It was so scary. I advise people not to have their bed against a window. I got such a fright, but it could have been much worse.”

Leeanne was still traumatised by her attack on Monday morning and her throat was still sore where her attacker had tried to choke her.

“Don’t think it will never happen to you. I never sleep with my window open, as my worse fear was to be grabbed by someone,” said Leeanne.

It is suspected the same intruder tried to break into a house down the road from Leeanne later that night, but was fought off.

“Be careful if you are chilling within the confines of your home,” said CCPO committee member, George Snodey, who is one of Leeanne’s friends. “Do not think you are safe because your doors are locked and you have burglar guards protecting you.

Be careful where you sit or leave things that will attract attention.

It’s concerning when an incident of this nature takes place, because this could very easily have led to a much more serious outcome.

Speak to neighbours and friends and urge them to join the CCPO. Let’s flood our streets with security personnel. Don’t wait for the horse to bolt before you slam the door.”


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