When to take the injured cat to a veterinarian – Part four

CALL your veterinarian immediately in the case of:

  • Birth difficulty: Where no kitten appears after straining for 30 minutes; if after straining for a period of time, the queen (mother) gives up; if part of a kitten appears but nothing else appears after 20 minutes of straining.
  • Bleeding heavily: From any part of the body; which will not stop. Apply pressure to stop the bleeding on the way to the veterinarian.
  • Blood in urine: Obvious blood in the urine.
  • Burns: Fairly extensive; or if in doubt.
  • Choking: If the animal appears distressed; extends its head and neck; salivates; coughs; paws at the mouth.
  • Collapse or loss of balance: Overreaction to external stimuli; depression; staggering or knuckling over; walking in circles; down and unable to get up; general muscle tremor; rigidity; paddling movement of legs; coma.
  • Pain: Severe, continuous or spasmodic.
  • Poisoning: Chemical, snake, spider or plant. If possible, retain sample for veterinarian to identify type of poisoning.
  • Self-mutilation: Continual, uncontrollable scratching, biting, tearing of the skin; skin broken and bleeding.
  • Severe breathing difficulty: Gasping, noisy breathing; blue tongue. If breathing not evident apply resuscitation.
  • Severe injury: Severe, continuous pain; severe lameness; cut with bone exposed; puncture wound, especially eye, chest or abdomen; fracture or other serious injuries assessed.
  • Straining continually: Attempting to defecate (pass a motion or stool) or urinate with little or no result.
  • Vomiting and/or severe diarrhea: Evidence of blood; putrid, fluid diarrhoea.

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