Ex-employee armed robber netted after Isipingo heist

PHOTO: Alpha Alarms

An alleged armed robber was apprehended by members of the community on Ramluckan Road in Isipingo on Monday, 10 April.

“It is believed the robber, together with accomplices, held up two men who had made a delivery in the Isipingo CBD and picked up cash,” said Alpha Alarms communications officer, Krishnee Naidoo.

At the stop street near the Boxer Superstore, the driver and passenger were held up by two armed men.

The passenger was told to get out and the men got into the vehicle and instructed the driver to drive to a point in Isipingo.

PHOTO: Alpha Alarms

They then stopped the vehicle and told the driver to open the back of the van. They took an unconfirmed amount of cash and cellphones and fled.

“It is believed the robbers abandoned their getaway car, a black VW Golf and were chased by members of the community, together with Alpha members,” said Naidoo.

One man was apprehended and he was discovered to be an ex-employee of the store that had paid the cash for goods delivered.

The man is believed to have been caught stealing at the store and never returned to work. Since then the store has been targetted many times by robbers.

He was handed over to Isipingo SAPS, where a case has been opened.


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By Earl Baillache

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