Part 2: Drivers of city’s operating budget

Main drivers of the city’s operating budget are attributed to:

  • Water services: R6.5-billion, an increase of R685-million (11.7%), for services provided to about 956,000 consumers via 327 storage facilities, 98 pumps stations and five water purification works.
  • Cleansing and solid waste: R 2.1-billion, an increase of R72-million (10.5%). A refuse removal service is provided once a week to over 956,000 households, both formal and informal. About 81.3 million refuse bags are distributed and over 426,000 tons of refuse is removed annually, creating a healthy and sustainable environment.
  • Sanitation: R1.9-billion, an increase of R152-million (8.4%). The service relates to the collection and treatment of wastewater produced in the city. About 505,000 kilo-litres of effluent flows into the treatment works daily.
  • Electricity service: R13.4-billion, an increase of R1.8-billion (16.9%). Electricity services are provided to over 752,000 customers within the city and surrounding areas.
  • Engineering services: R2-billion, an increase of R30.4-million (1.6%). The unit provides engineering, buildings and built environmental infrastructure, surveying and land information services.
  • Community and emergency services: R3.2-billion, an increase of R113-million. For the operation and maintenance of a range of facilities, which include 336 soccer fields, 163 community halls, 141 parks, 57 cemeteries, 96 libraries, 16 museums and 52 swimming pools. The unit also maintains 260,000 hectares of verges in the municipal area.


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