Bomb-like device detonates, dents car in Isipingo

The rear window and tailgate was damaged in the explosion

A FAMILY has been left shaken after a homemade bomb-type device which had been placed on the rear windscreen of their vehicle detonated while they were driving through Isipingo this morning, 19 April.

The family, which included an unknown number of children and one adult, were travelling through Isipingo when a loud explosion shattered the windscreen and dented the car’s tailgate.


The detonated homemade bomb was found on the vehicle


The motorist, who did not want to be named, only stopped to check on the damage when he was in a safe spot as he was afraid that it was a ploy by potential criminals to get him out the car in order to rob or hijack him.  Muhammad Yusuf from the Isipingo beach CPF responded. The motorist went to Isipingo SAPS, where he opened a case for investigation.

Details about the incident were relayed on the EMS 24 Hrs KZN-SA Whatsapp group, which the victim is a member of.

He warned other members on the group of this suspected new modus operandi by criminals to distract drivers.

A senior admin on the community based social media group told the Sun the man did the right thing. “It is scary what these thieves can do. They are not afraid of who they hurt or how far they go with their misdeeds. It is fortunate that nobody was injured. His quick thinking saved his family from what could have been a more traumatic ordeal like a hijacking or armed robbery,” she said.

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She urged motorists to be vigilant when parking or returning to their parked vehicles. “Be aware of your surroundings, survey the area and pay attention to the people around you. Inspect your car and be aware of any foreign objects placed on it. Your actions can save your life, so take a minute or two to ensure the safety of you and your family,” she said.

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The EMS 24 Hrs KZN-SA Whatsapp group often hears of issues like the homemade bomb. “There are many tactics used to disable cars or distract drivers such as rock throwing, smashed eggs on the windscreen or even human-like figures place at the roadside. Don’t stop for anything and alert the authorities if you encounter such a situation, drive to a safe area or police station. If you believe you are being followed, drive to a police station. If you break down in an isolated area, call authorities immediately to escort you. We cannot let criminals have the upper hand, so be one step ahead of them and double check that your doors are always locked,” she advised.


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