[WATCH VIDEO] Warner Beach subway trashed in retaliation

A LOCAL resident was infuriated this morning when she noticed the garbage from a nearby restaurant strewn in the subway in Warner Beach.

According to the Warner Beach resident, the garbage was deliberately scattered from the top of the stairway to the beach side of the subway, which was revamped in September, 2015.

When the revamp of the subway all started: Subway spruce-up planned for heritage weekend


“I suspect this to be a deliberate act to trash the beautifully kept subway,” said Cllr Andre Beetge.

“The Sapphire Coast Tourism often has run-ins with whoonga smokers who attempt to gather in the subway at night. It is suspected the whoonga smokers, disgruntled at constantly being chased from the bridge, removed the garbage from the restaurant’s bins and deliberately scattered it.

“With a lot of curried rice, vegetables and polystyrene take-away boxes, the garbage could be from a local restaurant situated about 200 metres away from the subway,” added Beetge.

How the community got involved: Community comes of board for subway revamp

Cllr Andre Beetge stands surrounded by the waste that was deliberately strewn along the neatly kept subway bridge’s walkway.


How beautiful it was intended to be: Eyesore transforms in Warner Beach

The councillor clarified the suspicion that job seekers could be blamed. “When questioned, they said they arrive in the morning to wait for work and leave the area in the evening.

“If dogs are tearing the bags, there wouldn’t be as much of the cooked food left over, spread over such a distance,” said Beetge.

The garbage is being cleaned up and Sapphire Coast Tourism is currently investigating what triggered the incident.

The final product: Community comes in for praise 

See more photos of the eyesore in the gallery: Warner Beach subway trashed in retaliation, 20 April



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