Subway state leaves much to be desired

State of Warner Beach subway on Wednesday morning, 19 April.

EDITOR – I am concerned about the state of the Warner Beach subway.

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The lights that were placed in the subway have been out of order for the last few months, and it is so dark under there by 6pm that you cannot even see in front of you.

It is very dangerous under the subway and it is even worse now with no lights. With winter approaching, the subway will provide warmth and shelter for some of the homeless people. As it is, when it rains there are a few homeless people who stand under the subway and drink. They leave their empty bottles behind or broken glass laying all over the place and it sometimes smells like a toilet.

There is a man who is there every day, come rain or shine who cleans up all the mess and makes the subway smell so good but then these homeless people just trash the place again for the poor cleaner to have to clean up all over again.

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I wonder what the holidaymakers and tourists using the subway to the beach must think of our area if it looks like this?

Surely something could be done about this to have the lights re-installed into the subway again?


State of Warner Beach subway on Wednesday morning, 19 April.


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