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While eThekwini Municipality has been experiencing a slight interruption in the supply of orange recycling bags, over 75% of households remain unaffected and are receiving their bags on time.

Households affected by the interruption are encouraged to use clear plastic bags provided by the city to recycle in the interim. They are requested to place plastic, cardboard and paper in one clear bag and glass and cans in a separate clear bag.

“Residents are urged to contact Durban Solid Waste (DSW) and let them know if they would like to receive the clear bags,” said eThekwini Municipality’s head of communications, Tozi Mthethwa.

“They will have to supply their address and will be notified when the clear bags will be delivered to them. Orange bag delivery and distribution have been disrupted due to a shortage of bags, caused by issues with the current supplier, an issue which is being addressed by DSW management.

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“Due to these challenges, DSW requests all residents to use clear bags in the interim for all recyclables. The orange bag distribution has been disrupted for a few months, due to the increase in volumes of bags.

However, it is expected to resume to its original supply and distribution shortly after the issue has been resolved. As much as supply has been disrupted, almost 75% eThekwini households are still receiving their orange bags,” added Mthethwa.

DSW thanked the public for their participation in the Kerbside Recycling Programme, known as the Orange Recycling Bag Programme, over the years.

To learn more about recycling and how to make a difference, contact DSW’s education department for assistance.

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Residents who are not receiving their orange bags can contact the DSW Helpline on 031-303-1665, 031-322-7080, 031-311-8804, or email

DSW education officers will request for your details and arrange for the clear bags to be delivered if the orange bags are unavailable. Residents can also call the above numbers or send an email if they have any comments or questions about DSW’s recycling programme.



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