Singing praises of city’s parks team under Patrick Sidisi

EDITOR – My message here is to show my appreciation, and I am confident to say on behalf of many others of our town’s community for the exemplary work that eThekwini parks department is accomplishing in Toti.

Special appreciation is directed to Patrick Sidisi and his work teams who tirelessly support each other with the endless task of maintaining our streets, roadsides and parks of tree overgrowth and the hazards that this may pose to us.

I have personally observed their work in many locations along Entombeni Drive, Pahla, Len Nicol, Fynn Road, Hutchison Park areas and others, and they are a great team to see working with positive attitudes and professionalism too.

I have had the pleasant experience of communicating and interacting with Patrick himself and also with a couple other members of his team leaders at different times. The men and women listen to members of the public (including myself) and the concerns mentioned and then they make good decisions to accommodate the concerns, so that everyone wins. These guys are not selfish and come across as very keen to do a great job and service to our community, and they deserve some respect and decency from the public, who feel they are inconvenienced because of the work the team is performing.

It is known that we do have some selfish and self-centered people that live among us, and I am sure those whom I am referring to will identify with the comment made, they seem to only care that they are given special treatment above all others.

Back to the team, in conversation with them, they tell me that a lot of the time they get negative vibes or interaction from residents of our town, who are sometimes impatient and downright rude.

All of us should remember that these guys are exposed to manual labour and a noisy, hot and tough working environment.Many of us would not choose to do this ourselves, so we should be thankful for their efforts and their work.

So once again, Patrick and your teams, thank you for doing a great job and bringing the glory and beauty back to our beloved Toti and surrounds. Don’t stop doing what you guys are doing so well.

Kind regards and God bless us all.



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