Motorist fumes after close call in Old Main Road protest

Damage on Jonathan Feasey’s vehicle where a huge rock thrown by a protester narrowly missed going through his rear side window and injuring his children.

An Amanzimtoti resident who had a close call while driving through a protest with his family has questioned why no authorities were present.

Jonathan Feasey was driving home on Old Main Road at about 8.30pm on Monday, 1 May with his three, four and 12-year-old daughters and wife in the car, when he noticed debris in the road.

“It became worse and worse,” he said. “There was no-one around. I thought it was a car crash or a protest.”

As he rounded a corner, he was faced with what he estimated was between 150 and 200 protesters.

They started hurtling rocks at his vehicle. He said one huge rock narrowly missed going through his rear side window and seriously harming his children.

His vehicle was extensively damaged by the protesters, which Feasey estimates at between R10,000 and R15,000.

“I called the CCPO, who were aware of the protest and they said they had notified SAPS,” said Feasey. “I called Toti SAPS and the police emergency number to make them aware of it.

I was frustrated that no Metro Police or the SAPS were in attendance.”

Feasey visited Amanzimtoti police station on Tuesday morning, 2 May to get clarity but as the area falls between KwaMakhutha and Amanzimtoti, police were still investigating who was responsible.

“My children were very traumatised by this, which makes me angry.

If this protest was ongoing from earlier in the day, the police should have barricaded the road and not allowed any vehicles to enter it from either side.

My concern was there was a huge tree across the road and this was not removed after SAPS went out to investigate.

On Tuesday morning a witness told me that two vehicles – a black sedan and a taxi – crashed into it.

The huge log that two vehicles crashed into.

Was I the only person who went through the protest?

What are our rights as citizens – what if one of my children were hurt or killed by that thrown rock? Who would have been held responsible?

Committee member, George Snodey confirmed the CCPO were aware of the protest that took place on the corner of Adams Road and Old Main Road due to residents not having any water. He confirmed the organisation had notified SAPS about it.

Ward 97 councillor, Andre Beetge said residents from Ezimangweni took to the streets as a result of a water supply problem within the area.

“Communication with the superintendent on duty, with Monday being a public holiday, indicated that it might relate to the replacement of a main line right into White City behind Southgate Industrial Park.

It was confirmed that water tankers were actually deployed to the area as a result thereof,” said Cllr Beetge.

This photo taken by Jonathan Feasey of the aftermath of the protest.

“While there were no outstanding job cards on their clip board, the department visited the area on Tuesday morning at which time they were directed to a damaged pipe that has, according to residents, been out of commission for a month.

Arrangements were made to schedule plumbers to investigate and effect the necessary repairs, so that some 30 residents could again have access to water.”

He urged residents to report faulty infrastructure to 080-131-3013 and secure a reference number to ensure a compliant is logged onto the system for timely attendance.

Amanzimtoti SAPS communication officer, Captain Charlene van der Spuy said the initial protest action started off in the KwaMakhuta SAPS jurisdiction area.

“Amanzimtoti SAPS were only informed (about it) at about 8pm and members were dispatched immediately.”



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