Bird of the Week – Cape parrot [VIDEO]


THE Cape parrot is found from Port Elizabeth up the east coast of South Africa, across all of Zimbabwe and the Caprivi in Namibia.

They have a high pitched, shrill ‘zzkeek or zeek’ voice, which they use in flight.

Cape parrots are locally common and nomadic, and are usually found in flocks of up to 12 birds.

They prefer an evergreen habitat as well as riverine forest and well developed woodland. They roost and nest in montane forests above 900m altitude and will fly up to 100km down to the coast to feed.

Food preferences are berries, kernels of fruit and nectar.

Breeding season is from September to December and the nest is a hole in a tree, which is usually very high and inaccessible.

They lay two to four white eggs, with incubation taking 24 to 28 days. Nestlings remain for an average of 69 days.

The Zulu name is isiKhwenene and in Afrikaans, grootpapagaai.


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