Toti cyclists brave inclement Sani2C race

LAST week’s KAP sani2c was the 13th edition of the world’s largest mountain bike stage race.

The two-man team event that takes place from Himeville to Scottburgh has three events, namely the trail, the adventure and the race.

An innovation for the trail event is there is no recognition for finishing first. The entire event is geared towards riders who are taking part to have a good time and participate in a race that lacks that overall competitiveness. So, on Tuesday, the trail event saw over 1,500 riders navigate their way to Scottburgh’s main beach in dry pristine conditions. A day later, Wednesday, the adventure race started off with the sun shining but by the time the race started on Thursday, the temperatures were creeping over 10 degrees along with a driving wind and persistent rain. The conditions made for some testing times with riders caked in mud from their ventures off the tar.

As the race ended in Scottburgh, most of Amanzimtoti Cycling Club offered to assist with the event. With a total of 4,264 riders who took part across all three races, volunteers were needed. It was also fun to see the spectacular tumbles off the 600m long bridge that floats across the lagoon.

Results of the few Mambas who rode:

Trail results:

  • Dale Tarr and Daryn Brokenshaw 13.23.33,
  • Warren Eagan and Ian Sayer 14.07.57,
  • Andrew Jones and Gavin Walters 14.32.32,
  • Stan Whiting and Dirk van der Merwe 17.03.47,
  • Anton Booysen 20.29.08.

Race results:

  • Dylan Chapman and Bryan Powell (Riding for Giant Toti) 9.39.58,
  • Candice and Wesley Parker Dennison 10.00.28,
  • Graeme Yates 14.32.49,
  • Carla and Peter Parker Dennison 15.00.34.

An interesting fact about the Sani2C is that 23 communities, schools, charities and environmental groups benefit from the event.

Amanzimtoti Cycling Club will host a mountain bike event at the Amanzimtoti Sports Centre this year instead of the annual road Toti69er. It’ll be an introductory and inaugural event for the club and will be known as the ‘Dafco Urban Challenge’. It will be held on 23 July.

There will be three lap races, each lap being 8kms, with a 16km race (two laps), 24km (three laps) and 32km (four laps).

Amanzimtoti Sports Centre is piggy-backing off this event in hosting a trail run afterwards. This is one event that shouldn’t be missed, so be sure to diarise.


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