Far worse things for pets than being put to sleep

EDITOR – Let me start off with the fact that I am an animal lover and am pro-life as much as possible.

Recently I helped a man rescue five kittens.

We were lucky enough to find them a foster mom. Not here, as there aren’t many foster moms available and shelters are inundated with beautiful kittens and puppies, but we had to go as far as Pinetown.

I appeal to people not to dump their animals. Some have the idea that animals will somehow find their ‘natural instincts’ and adapt back in to the wild. They think by taking an animal to a shelter, they will be put to sleep. There are worse things than being put to sleep. Any animal that is dumped faces challenges such as finding shelter, food and the many obstacles they have to face. A feral kitten, for example, has to avoid being eaten by predators, stolen by people to be used as bait for dog fighting or killed by illegal hunters.

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There are also illnesses like feline AIDS, feline leukaemia, feline parvovirus, rabies, cancer and snuffles. Some take mere days to kill the animal and others up to a year. Either illness is a horrible and painful death. They have to avoid being hit by monkeys, killed by dogs or poisoned by people who see them as worthless. A cat on its own lives on average until it is two and unless they have a kind soul that takes pity on them, they have to fight to survive.

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Unspayed females are constantly pregnant. This is no life for an animal. Dumped puppies have the same problems. Only when dogs grow up can they form packs and kill livestock. They may also become dangerous to humans. We all know it is expensive to have an animal sterilised so consider your options before getting an animal. Most shelters include that in the adoption fee. Animals need vaccinations as well. As cute as puppies and kittens are, it is very hard to find them good homes.

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If you find yourself in a position where you have kittens or puppies and cannot rehome them or afford to take care of them, if you truly care about them you will suck up your pride and find a shelter to take them in.

In rehoming them, they will do property checks, vaccinate them and make sure they are sterilised so there are less unwanted animals out there. Do not take kittens and puppies away from their mom until they are seven-weeks-old as before that, they are too young to survive on their own. Even speak to the shelter and see if they can arrange reduced rates to help get your animal sterilised. Support animal shelters and not backyard breeders. Also remember shelters do not get government funding, so they rely purely on your support and donations.

They will do their best to find homes for these animals if they can but as you can see, there are far worse things than being put to sleep.



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