Municipality mitigates drought effects with intervention strategies

Despite the recent rains, eThekwini is still affected by the drought and residents are urged to continue  conserving water.

To further spread the message of being water-wise, the eThekwini Water and Sanitation Unit will erect billboards and street pole posters and give away T-shirts with messages to promote water conservation.

This is being done since eThekwini Municipality has been, and still is, beset with grave drought adversity.

As a result, the eThekwini Water and Sanitation Unit has developed various intervention strategies to mitigate the drought effects, including awareness campaigns regarding the importance of conserving water.

The campaigns have also raised awareness about the role water plays in social and economic development with the view of changing attitudes and behaviours of citizens.

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Community meetings have been held with ward councillors and print and electronic campaigns have been undertaken to ensure audibility of the water scarcity message.

There have been scheduled water interruptions from 7pm to 6am in certain areas. The unit has also set up response teams to repair leaks, water bursts and to address the plight of people on the ground. Water bills have also been issued with water conservation tips and notices.

eThekwini Mayor, Zandile Gumede has also launched a WhatsApp reporting line to make it easier for consumers to report water leaks, bursts and other related water queries. The number is 073-148-3477.



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Earl Baillache

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