Local guard dog finds ‘Liberty’ in his new home

THE much loved, self-appointed guard dog of a local mall, ‘Liberty’ has found his forever home but help is needed to secure it so that he doesn’t escape back to his favourite hang-out.

Many residents and shoppers had grown fond of the canine, but his days in the parking lot wasn’t entirely comfortable, so now he found a home that is.

Where it all began: Liberty happy on his own mission

Seadoone Mall’s parking lot has been policed by Liberty since November 2015, when the brown dog with wire around his neck found his way into the area and made it his home. Chasing away loiterers and beggars, Liberty made his nightly pilgrimage to the mall to do his ‘duties’.

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While the mall management welcomed his presence, the idea was always to try and secure a permanent, loving and secure home for him where he wouldn’t face life on his own, according to Seadoone Mall centre manager, Bev Koekemoer.

“This solution is exactly what everyone who loves Liberty wanted – a safe, warm home for him so that he’s no longer a stray,” she added. “We were concerned by the threats that he faced – dangers such as being ridden over by a car and so on.”

Alida, a Seadoone Mall car guard, helped find a permanent home for the likeable dog when the mall owner decided it needed a permanent solution for the stray. When contacted, Toti SPCA assured the guard that they would collect Liberty, but she asked for a few days to find him a home. “We found a really lovely home with a huge garden,” said SPCA’s Tracey Girling. “I see this as a happy ending for Liberty.”

Liberty is settling into his new home. With caring owners a warm fire place to lay beside, which pooch wouldn’t?


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The new owner contacted the SPCA to have Liberty vaccinated and sterilised, which will take place next week.
The SPCA thanks Two Vikings for providing Liberty’s daily meals and Alida for caring for him.
However, during one of his first nights at his new home, the newly homed canine got a fright and made his way back to the mall’s parking lot.

“He’s an extremely clever dog as this was quite a distance to travel,” said new owner, Alan Gray.

Alan and his wife Kathy will now raise the height of the fence, but he appeals to the community to assist with the financing if anyone is able and keen. “The cost of the neutering, vaccinating and fencing is going to prove pricey,” said Alan. “Any help would be so appreciated.”

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A helping hand has been offered by Sheldon Miller of SKM Fencing.
Jean Esterhuizen of Tasty Treats in Seadoone Mall has placed a donation box in her store, for anyone to donate towards the costs.

If you’d like more details about the funds needed, contact Jean on 082-531-3038.

Magnificent artwork done by local artist, Stefan Beytall.


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