Fascinating Friday facts on the human body

Want to know more about the body you live in? Read these 10 fascinating facts:

1. A person passes on 278 different types of bacteria to another person when they kiss them. Fortunately, 95 per cent of them are not harmful.

2. Parthenophobia is a fear of virgins.

3. There are more than 100 different viruses which cause a cold.

4. If someone kisses another person for a certain amount of time, this is much more effective in terms of hygiene than using chewing gum, as it normalises the level of acidity in your oral cavities.

5. Men are officially classified as dwarves  if their height is below 1.3 m, whereas for women the measurement is 1.2 m.


6. Human beings are the only mammals which can draw straight lines.

7. Human skin is completely replaced about 1,000 times during a person’s lifetime.

8. A person who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day is doing the equivalent of drinking half a cup of tar a year.

9. Women blink about two times less often than men.

10. The structure of the human body contains only four minerals: apatite, aragonite, calcite and crystobalite.


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Holly Konig

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