Almond Road vicinity residents asked for patience as long-awaited water-borne sewage system finalised

Amanzimtoti residents are asked to act with caution and exercise patience during construction on the Almond Road sewer reticulation project.The project will include increased human activity, construction equipment and disruption of sidewalks, as the contract includes the reinstatement of sidewalks on its conclusion.

“Many questions have been raised regrading the finalisation of the Almond Road and surrounds sewer reticulation project which was left incomplete some three years ago when the then-contractor was unable to fulfill expectations,” said ward 97 councillor, Andre Beetge.

“Circumstances necessitated the project’s re-evaluation and the start of a new tender process. I can now confirm that the tender has been awarded to WK Construction.

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Starting from Monday, 29 May, the contractor will photograph the area in their attempts to map, peg lines and inform residents in line with expected progress and necessary access to properties.

The labour intensive project will, over a period of 12 months, seek to install six kilometres of 160mm piping to facilitate a water-borne sewer system, thereby replacing the current septic pit system which has been in use since the arrival of Noah at the Almond Road reservoir.”

The following streets will at one point or another be affected: Almond, Hunyani, Good Hope, Santo Alberto, Postlooper, Top, San Luiz, Knoll and Bonaventura.

“While the contractor will endeavour to inform residents well in advance and in writing when access to property will be required, ad-hoc access could be required if and when surveying exercises are necessary,” said Cllr Beetge.

Co-operation in the interest of the project’s timely completion will be appreciated. Call Cllr Beetge on 082-718-8137.

What do you think about the project? Is it long overdue or don’t you think it is even necessary?


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(Comments posted on this issue may be used for publication in the Sun)

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