Beat the boredom with Google’s hidden games

Do you feel overwhelmed at times with your work load? Have a small break and give your brain something fun to do. Google holds many secrets that not many people know about, but today, all shall be revealed.

Google games: Google is famous for their Google doodles especially the addictive ones that you play.

  1. Pac-Man: Everyone knows about and have played Pacman.  In 2010, Google created a doodle to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of Pacman. You can still access this game today for endless fun! All you have to do is type Google pac man in the search bar.

2. Atari breakout: Another fun and classic game that Google has to offer is Atari Breakout. This addictive game will see you spending hours trying to break the Google image blocks. Type Atari Breakout and say goodbye to the outside world.

3. Offline gamer: The T- rex game is loads of fun especially when your company doesn’t pay the Telkom bill and you are left high and dry without internet. Addictive and fun, this game will pass the time.

4. Cricket Google doodle: Recently, in celebration of the ICC cricket world tournament, Google released another time consuming and fun game. Watch this video.


Lauren Beukes

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