Local beach toilets are putrid [Response from CCLR Andre Beetge]

EDITOR – What on earth is going on at the public toilets on our beaches at Winklespruit, Warner Beach and Scottburgh, to mention a few, as they are past disgusting?

The doors do not lock, they are continually wet and and you have one toilet roll hanging at the entrances – if you are lucky.

These are beautiful beaches and great tourist attractions but I know of many people who will not go to the above beaches due to the lack of hygiene in these toilets.

For example, on Saturday morning two young girls at Winklespruit asked me on the beach if there were any other toilets as they did want to go into these toilets. My answer was no, these were the only toilets, so they said they would rather leave.

I was then walking past the toilets and a mother walked out with two small children and said to her husband they must leave as she cannot change her children in there. These places need an upgrade urgently.



Local beaches in city’s queue for upgrades

EDITOR – We are in total agreement that beach ablutions (across the city), fall far short of expectation.

Well do I recall my own correspondence to the relevant department a year ago, when facilities along the Durban beachfront were found lacking in basins, taps and functional urinals.

While unable to comment on Scottburgh, as it falls outside of Ethekwini and rather within the jurisdiction of Ugu Municipality, we are able to comment on Winklespruit and Warner Beach. In anticipation of receiving an enquiry regarding Amanzimtoti main beach, it will also be included.

Those who took the time to attend the budget hearing and the ward area-based planning session will recall that mention was made of both an operational and capital budget. Normal everyday maintenance of these and other facilities are funded from a departmental operational budget until facilities, like those at our beaches, reach the point where they require a total upgrade.

What unfolds is a process where the responsible line department would report and request an assessment, followed by a costing exercise, a tender process, bid evaluations process, bid adjudication and the awarding of a tender for the work to be completed – all of which has to align with the municipal budget which comes into effect annually at the beginning of July.

This is notwithstanding the fact that inception could also be hampered should an unsuccessful tenderer decide to take the committee’s award on appeal, as all processes have to be completed before any project can commence. These are the legislative requirements in terms of the Municipal Finance Management Act (56/2003) read with the Municipal Finance Regulations (56/2003), Municipal Systems Act (32/2000), Municipal Structure Act (117/1996) and Supply Chain Management regulations.

Upgrade to the Winklespruit, Amanzimtoti main beach and Isipingo beach amenities form part of the 2017/18 capital budget. We are further in communication with Winklespruit community members regarding public/private partnership to uplift the area to tie in with the community efforts along Elcock Road and the dune rejuvenation north of Winklespruit beach.

Elcock Road residents show what can be done to encourage public participation as opposed to waiting for things to happen.


Maintenance in terms of the 2017/18 operational budget is planned for Doonside (Topham Road) with Tiger Rocks (Isipingo) currently receiving attention in terms of the 2016/17 operational budget.

A progress update on maintenance for Warner Beach, approved in terms of the 2016/17 architectural department operational budget, has been requested.




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