Municipality revises rates rebate for senior citizens

The rates rebate for senior citizens who own properties within the eThekwini region has been revised.

As of 1 July the rates rebate threshold for pensioners who own a property is capped at R2-million of their property value.

Property valuations are undertaken once every four years, the most recent being February.

The review and change was implemented under the guidance of National Treasury due to eThekwini having had the highest indigent package in the country, said Head of Revenue, Peet du Plessis.

“This was amended after consultation with stakeholders through the budget process and has also helped to target the correct households. Additionally, it is also part of the city’s austerity measures.” he added.

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Property owners over 60 years are eligible for a rates rebate should they meet the following criteria:

  • The owner must reside permanently on the property.
  • The owner must be able to produce a South African barcoded ID or Smart ID.
  • The rebate is granted on only one property.
  • The owner must be over the age of 60. If owned by a couple, one individual must be older than 60 years and if owned by two separate individuals, both must be 60 years and older.
  • The property value must not exceed R2-million as determined by the municipal valuation.

Should the above criteria be met, the pensioner will receive a full rebate on the first R460,000 of their property value, bearing in mind that the property value must not exceed R2-million. If the property value is less than R460,000, they will receive a full rebate.

First time applicants can download a rates rebate form online from

Pensioners who already receive a rebate need to submit a renewal form by 30 April each year.



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Earl Baillache

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